March 24, 2019

Meet the the King Bs

September 9, 2018

And introducing the 12th (to complete the fantastic 2019 roster) Silas Laidig.

September 2, 2018

Parents of 2019 All-Stars

I now have all your e-mail addresses and now so does my cohort Bill Paolucci, who has the best All-Star website on the planet.

This website is yours too for the 2019 season, look for updates, read it, send pics, it will be full of game action articles, stats, definitions, tutorials, videos, and music. Starting in December or January there will be weekly updates to increase you and your All-Star's baseball knowledge, and how we at the 12U All-Stars do baseball. There will never be any negatives on the website it’s not for that it’s for the love of game.

My goal each and every year is to teach baseball at a higher level, and to put a sharp uniformed dressed, and competitive team on the field that’s it. I will be starting my 20th season with the Bremen All-Stars, and there is not much I haven’t seen, but every year I learn or see something new. I am on my 3rd Schmucker son, my 3rd Hickman son, my 2nd Martin son, and yes I coached Brady’s dad in Youth Baseball.

That said now a couple items I do and only I do (with advice from all the stellar All-Star coaches), I set the lineup, I make the substitutions, I allocate the playing time. I’m fair, and we always bat the maximum we can (up to 12 or 13), so if you have a question about the above don’t ask the other coaches, don’t ask my wife, ask me, and I will give you an honest answer it will have something to do with the above underlined and in red.

Introducing Your 2019 Bremen 12U All-Stars
Kaden Martin, Brady Weldy, Landon Bates, B.J. Forbes, Maddux Hickman, Noah & Jack The brothers Wildauer, Braeden Corwin, Will Stiles, Corban Van Vuren, & last but not least Jeffrey Schmucker.

That’s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall for now, LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL,